Yana Okopna

Ukraine, Kiev, Kyiv National Linguistic University, Department of Foreign Languages
Methodology Teaching and Information and Communication Technologies, Doctoral student



This paper presents some problematic aspects in scientific methods of experimental research study that are statistics and quality character in current conditions. It is summarized that the priority directions of its further modernization and the ways of scientific methods in German after English education are based on the experience of the Zhytomyr State Technological University. Provision for future managers in tourism development as vocational education is to meet the needs of the Ukrainian economy for skilled workers, better matching the level and quality of qualifications and competency requirements of employers, it is possible in the first place, by making the legal framework in the field of touristic education in line to problems of development in a dynamic social and economic changes. Secondly, the importance of the results in experimental research study with the author`s course «German after English 4» for future managers in tourism is to enhance the role and responsibility of social partners, businesses and local authorities for compliance volumes, trends and quality requirements of the skilled workers the economy is described in the article. Thirdly, there must be relationship education market and the labour market through the development and implementation of a common methodology for monitoring the labour market and the formation of the basis of the state order for training of skilled workers in high educational establishments for touristic managers, and creating together with employers on the basis of state vocational schools specialized training centres for skilled workers industrial professions using the dual training system. Also, it is important to achieve a new quality and effectiveness of touristic education through the development and implementation in new mechanisms for accreditation of state educational standards of vocational training by employers and radical renewal of scientific and methodological support, overcoming the isolation of teaching science real needs in modern society, enhancing its role in the design, examination of educational innovation. As a result of a comprehensive analysis of the development of such experimental education at present it is possible to determine the priority directions of its further modernization, which provide for the needs of the labour market, the formation of an optimal network of touristic management schools, a system of quality assurance of vocational education, diversification of funding by delegating more powers to regional education authorities. 

Keywords: author`s course, German after English, experimental research study, future managers in tourism, high educational establishments.


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