кандидат психологических наук Тевдорадзе С. Т.

Грузия, г. Тбилиси, Государственный университет им. И. Джавахишвили,
факультет психологии и образовательных наук





Hypothesis of our research was experimental study of correspondence between the sound and the meaning of the word as the memory intensification.
In the article special attention is payed to the memory, gender and age during the naming process.
Especially important has become the naming problem of memory on the background of the implicit and explicit forms of memory on the basis of contemporary cognition psychology.
In our experiment the natural phenomena of naming, which is revealed in memory effect and is connected to unconscious forms of it. Supposedly this is the implicit memory. It was revealed also that factors of age and gender don‟t influence on the naming process so that in boys or girls the process is approximately the same.
The results of the experiments show that for the naming process two sides are important :the
managing strategy of memory on the one hand and disposition on the other, which by the theory of Dimitri Uznadze sound complex feelings arising in conscience beforehand defines connection
character to the meaning of the word.

Keywords: naming, disposition, memory, implicit memory, sound and the meaning.


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