Zaporozhan V. M. MD, DSc, CEO,
Tkachenko O. I., MD, DSc,
Maksymovskyj V. Y., MD, PhD,
Mashukov A. O., MD, PhD,
Pyrogov V. V., MBBS

Ukraine, Odessa, Odessa National Medical Universtity,
Department of Surgery № 4 with a Course of Oncology



The article presents our experience of advanced gynecological malignancies surgical treatment. We retrospectively analyzed 1215 cases of gynecological malignancies and selected 313 patients with locally advanced disease. All patients undergone surgical treatment in University Clinic of Odessa national medical university from 2006 till 2017. 32 HIPEC procedures were included in this study, 24 with cytoreduction. One-year survival was 88,6 % for cervical cancer, 85,2 % for ovarian cancer, 79,1 % for endometrial cancer. Five and ten year survival rate was 31 % and 14 % among ovarian cancer patients, 18 % and 9 % for ovarian cancer, 38 % and 18 % for endometrial cancer respectively. Cytoreduction with HIPEC were well tolerated with no perioperative mortality.

Keywords: Gynecological malignancy, HIPEC, cytoreduction, pelvic exenteration, urinary


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