PH.D. Huseynova F. A.

Azerbaijan, Baku, Azerbaijan State Oil and Industry University



International management is quickly becoming a popular topic in Azerbaijan, but business practice in this country differs significantly. In comparison to the western countries our country differs along a whole range of dimensions, including social structure, culture, religion, tradition, language and so on.
Most employees experience pleasure and satisfaction of the job, especially when it complies with their expectations. And it is especially very important to build good atmosphere within organization as there are employees who have the need for social interaction.
We tried to observe attitude -behavior relationship of employees at the different workplaces. By our analyses we found out that from many different perspectives, positive attitude -behavior relationship tends to make work mentally challenging and increases employee productivity.
And we think it‟s inevitable to create a successful attitude -behavior relationship climate within all the organizations of our country.

Keywords: attitude, behavior, organization, culture, language, value, belief.


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