1Academician, Professor Valeriy Zaporozhan,
2Professor Olexandr Tkachenko,
3Assistant Professor Andriy Rybin

Ukraine, Odessa, Odessa National Medical University;
1Rector of Odessa National Medical University;
2Head of Surgical Department №4 with oncology course;
3Surgical Department №4 with oncology course



The study was aimed to determine the platinum-resistance biomarkers in patients with ovarian cancer. The expression of ABCA1 is higher in platinum-resistant cases of ovarian cancer. The most pronounced relationship exists between the values of survivin expression, local activity of nitric oxide, the expression of glutathione dependent enzymes, the content of catecholamines in erythrocytes, and the expression of ABCA1 transporter

Keywords: ovarian cancer, platitum resistance, biomarkers


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